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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 9 (December 1, 1937.)


Timely Notes and Useful Hints.

Holiday Wear.

Suit-Case and square hat-box? Quite enough to take about with you. But how inadequate they seem when you open the wardrobe door and think also of the suit and frock that are still at the dressmaker's. However, you have packed in a limited space before; and you fancy you are good at eliminating.

Well, what to take? Undies? Plenty! Shoes? Decide on those when you have picked out frocks. Warm coat? Certainly; but it will be carried, not packed.

If you are doing much travelling, a suit en suite with the top-coat will be trouble-saving. It need not be a formal suit. Perhaps your top-coat is of camel's hair colouring; under it you may wear a navy skirt of light-weight wool or of silk and a tunic of green (or some preferred colour). Navy shoes and hat (green-banded) are sufficiently summery. The whole outfit is right for long-distance travel, as it obviates any worry about weather, and retains its smart appearance indefinitely.

At destinations, play frocks and outfits are ever so useful and comfortable. If there will be laundering difficulties, plan to avoid them. Printed designs for play-frocks stay crisp; silks that launder easily are sensible for shorts, shirts, skirts; shantung is smart.

Admire white linen, but save it for a suit, instinct with summer, but formal as you please. Try the effect of a taffeta tie, navy perhaps, with its wide looped ends tied under the chin to form a huge bow. Add the navy touch, also, to hat and shoes. Remember that the linen coat is delightful for wear over a casual frock.

You want at least two florals in sheer silks for in-between occasions. It is possible to omit an evening gown, as summer evenings are not formal, and any frock, cool, smart and pretty, of any length, will be suitable wear. Remember that most frocks, for afternoon or evening, have their own coatees.

If you are visiting towns, and want another street outfit in addition to your travelling garb and white linen suit, match up accessories with one of your patterned silk frocks (or suit, shall I call it, for it no doubt sports coat, tunic or peplum). Be dashing with colours. Look at the frock pattern, and from it choose a colour that you will be happy with. Use this colour for your hat, or hat trim, for gloves and perhaps for purse. Don't over-do it. Remember that, with hat, gloves, purse and shoes to play with, the ground colour of the frock, which is probably navy or black, should be used as well.

As an “additional,” include an extra blouse or tunic, rather “dressy,” to wear with your smartly-cut travelling skirt.

Don't forget sports gear; and remember that your own towel for swimming is practically a necessity.

* * *