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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 9 (December 1, 1937.)

She Was Being Poisoned by Constipation. — Until She Started Taking Kruschen

She Was Being Poisoned by Constipation.
Until She Started Taking Kruschen.

For many years this woman's system was completely out of order, and all that time she was being poisoned by constipation. She could not sleep—she was too weak to attend to her housework—and nothing seemed to do her any good. Then she found a way to rid herself of the constipation, and her health quickly improved. In the following letter she explains how this came about:—

“For many years, I suffered with my bowels, stomach, kidneys and bladder. I had stubborn constipation which apparently no remedy could improve. My system was being continually poisoned. I was nervous to the point of not being able to sleep, and I was so weak that I could not even attend to my housework. Then I began to take Kruschen Salts. In a short while, I noticed a vast improvement in my general condition. Now I sleep better at nights—I am no longer constipated—I don't feel so tired, and my work seems easier to me. I have Kruschen Salts to thank for all these benefits.”—(Mrs.) B.

Half the ills which afflict humanity can be traced to one root cause. That cause is internal sluggishness: failure to keep the inside free from poisonous waste matter. Auto-toxemia, or self-poisoning, is the inevitable penalty.

Kruschen Salts is Nature's recipe for maintaining a condition of internal cleanliness. The six salts in Kruschen stimulate your internal organs to smooth, regular action. Your inside is thus kept clear of those impurities which, if allowed to accumulate, lower the whole tone of the system.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/6 per bottle.