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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 9 (December 1, 1937.)

Railway Progress in New Zealand. — General Manager's Message. — A Merry Christmas to All

page 6

Railway Progress in New Zealand.
General Manager's Message.
A Merry Christmas to All.

The Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Railways, desires me to convey to all members of the service, and to all clients of the Department and readers of the Magazine, his best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.

In transmitting this message from the Hon. Minister, I desire to associate myself with him in his expression of good wishes for the forthcoming festive season and New Year.

Viewed in the seasonal spirit of “Peace on earth and goodwill toward men,” railwaymen should regard themselves as fortunate in the opportunities that come their way of adding to the joys of the Christmas season in the service they are able to render to the public, because upon them will inevitably fall the bulk of the work associated with the mass transport of holiday-makers during the Christmas and New Year period.

Railway travel is something that most New Zealanders are able to enjoy during some part of the summer holiday months; but such enjoyment may be marred by any failure of those responsible to attend promptly, cheerfully, and efficiently, to the needs of travellers. I would, therefore, ask every railwayman to do his utmost to assist our patrons to enjoy their holiday journeys, by rendering those attentions which truly represent the spirit of service.

We all know the trouble and anxiety that may be caused when, by oversight on someone's part, a suit-case or other article of luggage is either left behind or not put out at its proper destination. By the exercise of care, mistakes of this kind can be avoided, and the satisfaction to passengers when they are well served should help railwaymen to their own enjoyment of a job well done.

I would particularly ask that every assistance be rendered to mothers and to elderly or infirm passengers, to whom travelling may be a matter of some anxiety unless the staff with whom they come into contact take a personal interest in their travel requirements. If this is done, then I feel that patrons and railway staff alike will have, what the Minister and the Management of the Railways so heartily wish them, a most enjoyable Christmas.

General Manager.