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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 9 (December 1, 1937.)

Variety of Bird Life

Variety of Bird Life.

As it is the last great stronghold of the Maori, the Urewera is also the greatest habitat of native birds. On the river beds may be found kingfishers, white-headed stilts, bitterns, pukekos, blue and grey ducks, and a few of the rare paradise ducks.

Larks, fern birds, bush hawks, harriers and land rails frequent the clearings and swamps, while the bush is the home of practically every type of native bird which lives on the berries of the forest or the honey of its wild-flowers. Tuis, bellbirds and cuckoos are the most distinguished songsters, but wrens, warblers, pigeons and even a few noisy kaka and parakeets subscribe to the conversation of the bush.

It has been calculated that there are over 30 varieties of indigenous birds still extant in the Urewera in addition to the usual variety of imported birds.