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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 8 (November 1, 1937)

Spanish Marrow Casserole

Spanish Marrow Casserole.

Half pound tomatoes ⅓ lb. onions, 1 marrow, 1 teaspoon marmite, 1 oz. butter, salt and pepper to taste, 1 or 2 egg yolks. (Two green olives, garlic, green pepper and two tablespoons olive oil may also be added to procure the genuine Spanish flavour).

Slice the onions and tomatoes, mince the garlic and fry them slowly in the oil. Add the sliced green pepper, and the stoned chopped olives, the butter and half a cup of water. Peel the marrow, halve, remove the seeds and cut into pie pieces. Add these and let simmer gently for forty-five minutes. Strain off a little of the liquor, cool and blend with the beaten egg yolk. Return to the pan. Heat gently without boiling and serve.

The onions and tomatoes may be fried in the butter (2 ozs.) instead of the oil, and the olives, etc., included or eliminated, according to taste.