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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 8 (November 1, 1937)


It's a great show if you learn your lines.

In this giddy vale of gears
There is laughter mixed with tears,
There is hope and there is sorrow
In the everlasting Morrow;
There is toil and there is play,
Memories of yesterday,
All the light and life of Now,
While we make our little bow,
On the coloured stage of life—
Mr. Man and Mrs. Wife!
Life's a patterned pantomime,
Organised by Father Time,
Tragedy and Comedy,
Earnest acting, fancy free,
Clowns who toss a quippy quirk,
Drama where the shadows lurk,
Tumblers with their agile pranks,
Saints and sinners, crabs and cranks,
Juveniles and ancient mummers,
Heroes, cravens, dames and drummers,
And the plot, the range and rhyme?
There is none in pantomime.
But, for this, the play's no duller,
There is contrast, change and colour;
When we look for plot we're gone—
Bang the drum! The show goes on!