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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 3 (June 1, 1937)

Welcome Co-operation

Welcome Co-operation.

It has also been a practice of the Railway Department for many years to welcome the co-operation of Local Bodies, Beautifying Societies and others interested in improving the aesthetic appeal of their particular localities, in utilising any spare land belonging to the Department for beautification and general amenity purposes. Besides the various Beautifying Societies and Associations who have taken an active part in this valuable work, and the local Borough and Town Councils which have regarded this cooperation as part of their civic duty, various other interested groups and individuals have assisted with fine enthusiasm in making the precincts of railway premises more pleasing to residents and visitors. At some places groups of settlers have combined in this work, at others Girl Guides and School Teachers, and in every instance the Railway Department has appreciated this assistance and provided, where required, soil, fencing and other material, and labour in the preparation of areas for the improvements desired.

When interested groups desire to help in this way, the practice is for the Department to lease the land at a peppercorn rental to the body concerned, and only to take the land back
(Photo., Rly. Forestry Officer) The plantation at Hinuera Station, Waikato, North Island, New Zealand.

(Photo., Rly. Forestry Officer)
The plantation at Hinuera Station, Waikato, North Island, New Zealand.

if it is required for immediate railway purposes.

The result of this policy is that at very many places in the Dominion are to be found splendidly kept reserves, either at stations or in the near vicinity, which serve to improve greatly the environment of stations and which are a credit to all concerned in their care and preparation.