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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 3 (June 1, 1937)

A New Type of Railcar

A New Type of Railcar.

Like New Zealand, the Home railways are making extensive use of railcars of various types. An experiment that may have an important bearing on the future use of Diesel railcars is being tried out on the Great Western system. Based on the experience gained from the running of seventeen streamlined single-unit railcars, a new type of car has been constructed, capable of taking a “tail” load, of either passenger or goods stock, up to 60 tons in weight, and of performing light shunting operations. In appearance the new railcar, which may be driven from either end, resembles a huge seaplane
New Great Western Railway railcar, with “tail” load.”

New Great Western Railway railcar, with “tail” load.”

float, with large flush-fitting observation windows running along the top half, and merging at the end into sloping control cabins. The car is driven by two 130 h.p. heavy oil engines, fitted below floor level. Seats are provided for 49 passengers in two saloons opening from a centre vestibule. For branch line working, the advantage of employing a railcar capable of hauling additional vehicles, when required, is obvious.