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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 1, 1937)

Wellington's New Station. — Contractors, Sub-contractors, and Suppliers of Material — -The Part They Played

page 98

Wellington's New Station.
Contractors, Sub-contractors, and Suppliers of Material
-The Part They Played.

The following is a list of the contractors, sub-contractors and firms associated with the building and equipment of the new station whose advertisements appear in this issue.

The contractors were the Fletcher Construction Co. of Wellington.

Nearly two million bricks used in the structure were made by the Amalgamated Brick and Pipe Co., Wellington.

The cement for the mammoth building was supplied by Wilsons (N.Z.) Portland Cement Ltd.

The structural steel was supplied, fabricated and erected by William Cable and Co. Ltd., Kaiwarra.

John Chambers and Son Ltd., Wellington, were responsible for the corrugated asbestos used in the building.

The plumbing work was carried out under the personal supervision of W. A. Chenery, Newmarket, Auckland.

The British General Electric Co., Ltd., Wellington, installed the exchange equipment, electric light fittings, etc.

The Enfield Cable Works (A/sia) Ltd., Wellington, supplied electric cables and copper wire, etc., for the electrification.

Richardson, McCabe and Co., Ltd., supplied electric cable, switchgear, etc.

James Gibson, of 32 Allen Street, Wellington, attended to the electric light and power for the station.

The sand and screenings for the constructional work were supplied by River Shingle and Sand Ltd., Kelvin Chambers, Wellington.

For the first time in New Zealand the ingenious weighing scales manufactured by J. W. Wood Ltd., Christ-church, will be seen in operation at the new station.

The glazed dado tiling, one of the most artistic touches in the station, came from H. and R. Johnson Ltd., England (N.Z. Rep., J. L. Garrard, Wellington).

Electrical Communications Ltd., Wellington, played an important part in the installation of their Interhouse Telephone system.

J. Tait Ltd., Stone Craftsmen, of Christchurch, supplied the Hanmer Marble.

The Scoullar Co., Ltd., Wellington, was selected to supply the blinds and curtains for the windows.

W. and T. Avery (N.Z.) Ltd., supplied the Auto-Precision Dial Scales, of which 24 are in use at the station and goods yards in Wellington and Auckland.

Cable, wire, steel structures, etc., were supplied by Samuel Brown Ltd.

Paints for the building were supplied by Lewis Berger and Sons (N.Z.) Ltd.

Equipment for the hairdressing saloon was provided by Van Staveren Bros., Ltd., Wellington.

The artistic Carrara ceilings were done by the Carrara Ceiling Co., Ltd., Wellington.

The heating of the station was entrusted to A. and T. Burt Ltd. The same firm was also responsible for the kitchen and waiting room ventilation and the cool rooms for the station restaurant.

Crittall Metal Windows (N.Z.) Ltd., supplied the bronze doors and the steel windows.

The Neuchatel Asphalte Co. provided the Trinidad Bitumen for the platforms and for the station approaches. Also mastic asphalte for the floors, flat roofs, etc.

The Waygood-Otis Lifts were supplied by Waygood-Otis (N.Z.) Ltd.

Sheffield Silversmiths Ltd., Auckland, supplied E.P. Ware for the refreshment rooms.

Asea Electric (N.Z.) Ltd., supplied various electrical equipment.

The platform announcing system was installed by Collier and Beale Ltd., Wellington.

Dish washing machines, etc., for the refreshment rooms were supplied by N.Z. Hobart-Berkel Supplies Ltd.

Briscoe Mills and Co., Ltd., supplied the roof tiling, plaster, and metal roller shutters.

Carpets were successfully tendered for by Andrews and Clark of Auckland.

The largest contract of its kind ever carried out in New Zealand was represented in sound deadening felt overlaid with silencing linoleum supplied by Winstone Ltd.

Redpath and Sons Ltd., supplied rubber flooring for the building.

A. Reyrolle and Co., Ltd., supplied extensive switchgear, etc., for the electrification system.

The Westinghouse Power Frame of 127 levers, also other signalling apparatus, was installed by the Westing-house Brake and Signal Co., Ltd. (N.Z. Representative, 10 Woodward Street, Wellington).