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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 12 (March 1, 1937)

New All-electric Signal-box at Waterloo Station

New All-electric Signal-box at Waterloo Station.

A noteworthy feature of every electrification scheme is the vastly improved signalling associated therewith. Thus, on the Southern Railway, particular attention has been paid to modernised signalling in its big electrification plan. The opening of a new all-electric signal box at Waterloo Station, London, marks the last stage of an ambitious improvement scheme aiming at the speeding-up of train movement. The new box contains 309 small levers, and controls the area formerly supervised by six signal boxes with a total of 499 levers. A feature are the four illuminated track diagrams, showing the signalmen when the various sections of track are occupied. Telephones, too, have freely been made use page 18 page 19
Interior, New All-Electric Signal-Box, Waterloo Station, London.

Interior, New All-Electric Signal-Box, Waterloo Station, London.

of. These have been installed at 27 points in and around the station, so that engine-drivers can, when necessary, get into direct touch with the signal box. Waterloo is one of the largest of European termini. It caters both for long-distance traffic to and from the south-west of England, and for a heavy suburban business over the newly electrified routes which are proving so deservedly popular with city men.