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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 (November 2, 1936)

Fifty Years Ago

Fifty Years Ago.

It will be 50 years this month (November), since the Manawatu Railway was opened to Palmerston North. I hope you will announce that in your valuable journal for November. When the train arrived at Otaki, about 100 Maoris stood in front of the engine and said the train would go no further, as they had not been paid in full for their land, by the Company.

The late Bishop O. Hadfield, who was a guest on the train, spoke to the natives in Maori, and told them they would get paid.

There was only one house in Crofton then, and five people in Khandallah.—Major Andrew, who gave the name to the place (taken from Khandallah in India), Bob Hannah, Hobbs (dairyman), Harnett (dairyman), and a man employed on the road.

In 1884, there were only ten residents in Paekakariki, viz., Lynch (2), Mackay's (3), Tilley (hotel), Cameron, Ostler, the policeman, and Old Mag and her husband (an old whaler).

All to be found from Manakau to Long-burn were mosquitoes, sand flies and bush.


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