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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 (November 2, 1936)

Overcrowded Tennis Clubs

Overcrowded Tennis Clubs.

A problem to be faced with the introduction of the 40-hour, five-day week, is that of finding sufficient space to carry the number of people who desire to participate in outdoor sport. In particular does this apply to tennis. Take Wellington as an example. It is almost impossible to link up with a tennis club—there's no vacancies in the waiting lists and few vacant sections (except on the sides of the hills) where courts may be built. The Municipal courts at Miramar, many miles from the City, are crowded every week-end and would-be players willingly—more or less, but willing all the same—await their turn to get a game. The same applies in the winter to golf. With the introduction of Daylight Saving and now the 40-hour week, our political administrators have set a problem which will have to be faced—where are the citizens going to spend their leisure?

New Zealand has been well to the fore in the cables during recent months. What with Lovelock winning at the Olympic Games, Clouston occupying a prominent position—at one stage—in the Johannesburg air race, and Jean Batten setting new figures for the England to Australia air route these little islands have been in the limelight.

“Bai Jove, old thing, your cigarettes are weally top-hole, doncheknow.” Thus the young new chum in the plus-fours to his friend in the opposite corner of a first-class “smoker.” “Ya as, weally, honah bwight. Where chew say you bought them, deah boy?” “I didn't buy them. I roll them myself.” “Not weally? Then what's your tobacco, old chappie, if I may ask? I'd like so much to get some, donchew-know.” “No difficulty about that,” smiled his cobber. “Any tobacconist will supply you. Ask for a tin of River-head Gold. It's one of the toasted brands.” “Well, I've nevah smoked any cigarette tobacco that I like bettah.” “There isn't any better, Algy,” replied his friend. “But why toasted, old man?” “Toasting eliminates the nicotine, so you get a clean, fresh and fragrant smoke. Harmless, too. Also cheap. I can make ten full-sized cigarettes for 4d.” Just fancy! “Buy moah toasted brands, old sport?” “Yes, four, Desert Gold (another splendid toasted blend), and three for the pipe, Cavendish, Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), and Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead).”*