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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 (November 2, 1936)

The Casting of the Glamour

The Casting of the Glamour.

This charm for love the Maoris call Atahu; it consists of obtaining some portion of her garments, her hair, or anything else belonging to her, and reciting certain prayers over them. Taurewa contrived, in the tribe's meeting-house at night, to pluck off some of the huka-huka, the hanging thrums or twisted threads of her woven flax cloak, and also to touch her with the blade of his wooden weapon, the taiaha

When he returned to his home at Okahukura, on the shore of Kaipara Harbour, he gave the thread and the taiaha to his tohunga, the wise man and magician Hawai.

This useful man performed the ritual to make the atahu successful. It was Hawai, in fact, who had advised him how to secure the affections of the lady, and that actually was the reason for his visit to Ripiro. The peacemaking mission was only a pretext for getting close to the girl on whom he had set his fancy. When all this was made known in the after time, the cunning lover's name became a kind of byword among the people, and the proverbial expressions, “Nga mahi hangareka a Rangi-taurewa” (“the deceitful deeds of Rangi-taurewa”) signifies all manner of masculine tricks and beguilements.