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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 (November 2, 1936)

Railway Screen Advertising

page 41

Railway Screen Advertising

A “best slide” competition held by Screens Advertising Ltd., Wellington, recently, drew a large number of replies favouring the slide design reproduced herewith. Some of the comments are distinctly interesting, amongst them being the following:

Why the Slide which advertises the New Zealand Railways is best:

Because it represents travel, with comfort, warmth, efficiency and speed.

W. Prestidge.

Because it shows you are perfectly safe, when travelling by rail and it is very convenient, in fact parents can send their children to relations without any fear of them being run over.

Miss I. Dronfield.

Because: (1) It is pictorial; (2) It has nice colours; (3) It is easily assimilated; (4) It has human interest; (5) And it has a laugh in it.

Mrs. Hanify.

Because: (1) Of its safety and comfort one has while travelling; (2) Because of the cheapness; (3) Because of its quickness while going from place to place.

Miss Florence Illing.

Because: (1) It is well patronised; (2) Because it is cheaper by rail; (3) Because it is more comfortable than other services; (4) If you travel by rail it is much safer; (5) You can travel anywhere by rail.

Miss C. Hawkins.

Because it advertises a public necessity and service. It also shows you the cheapest way to travel. They also ensure you comfort and safety, etc.

G. L. Marsh.

Because: (a) It faithfully depicts the great service it represents; (b) As an advertising medium it conveys the message it is intended to transmit; (c) The excellence of the colour scheme; (d) The picture portrayed is appealing in its naturalness.

Mrs. F. E. Richardson.

Because this railway system is useful to everybody in New Zealand. It also teaches people to be economical and travel by railways which is much cheaper.

Master D Hayman.

Because the smile on the little girl's face shows that she knows she is quite safe when she is travelling by rail. The guard holding the green flag is a sign of safety. The guard being an old man shows that he has been travelling on a train a long time and he is still healthy.

C. J. Campbell.

Because: (1) It is a national advertisement; (2) Of its attractive display; (3) It has got “pulling” power; (4) It puts you in “Train” for a prize; (5) It expresses popular opinion.

M. G. Collett.

Because they are safe, comfortable, cheap, fast and airy.

Mrs. Clearie.

Because the setting is very natural and from the minute it comes on the screen it holds one's attention as there is very little writing. It shows also that the child who is telling her granny not to worry is quite safe and very comfortable. The colouring is also natural and not overdone as many of the slides are.

Miss Pauline Gray.

Because it is the most realistic and a very good identification of how the Railways are run. Also the Government by advertising show to the people the way to travel.

W. Ricketts.

Because it represents a service of Dominion-wide interest and benefit, as the increased use of the Railways brings with it a corresponding reduction in taxation. The slide is colourful and cheerful and portrays to advantage the first word of the well-known Railways slogan “Safety, Economy and Comfort.”

Miss B. I. Petty.

Because it is a whole New Zealand industry which everybody should patronise. It pays to advertise and patrons to the Majestic Theatre wish to travel when they see it advertised on the screen. Myself for one.

Mrs. J. Thompson.