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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)

State Control of Transport

State Control of Transport.

Road transport control by the State has now been introduced in Germany, and as a result railways and roads cease to be cut-throat competitors. The new legislation provides for all road carriers becoming members of a single road transport association, the activities of which fall under the control of the Government Ministry of Transport. Sanction of the Ministry has to be obtained for the movement by road of merchandise for distances in excess of 31 miles, and undercutting of rail conveyance rates is strictly forbidden, all road conveyance rates being subject to official approval. Long hauls by road will continue to be carried on only in such cases where it can be shown that rail conveyance is not practicable or suitable to the particular movement involved. In almost every European country, unfair competition of the road carrier is by degrees being cut out; and smoother, more efficient, and more economical transportation machinery brought into being embracing all forms of land conveyance.