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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)


(S. P. Andrew photo.) The Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Railways.

(S. P. Andrew photo.)
The Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Railways.

Only a few men in New Zealand carry so heavy a burden of public responsibility as the Honourable Daniel Giles Sullivan, Minister for Railways, and for Industries and Commerce and the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. The railways alone would be a sufficient load for the most able of administrators, the largest business undertaking and State industry in the Dominion with its capital value of #60,000,000 and its staff of sixteen thousand. One would expect a statesman charged with such duties to present a careworn, overburdened anxious face to the world, bowed down by his ever-increasing duties. But Mr. Sullivan is the perennial boy, ever ebullient. He is a tremendous worker, always busy yet never too busy for something new; he has assumed great cares, he is methodical, and brings to every task a deeply experienced mind and a wonderful accumulation of knowledge. But he has a joyous capacity for throwing off the load of office for an interlude of pure fun. His merry, whimsical face, his irrepressible curly hair, accentuate and index his essential cheerfulness. Yet in his time he has sounded the depths of sorrow and seen man's inhumanity to man in its saddest form.