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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)

Got Him “Off”!

Got Him “Off”!

We are stepping, oh, so lightly, and
I've stopped the mower's whirring!
Mother's smiling almost brightly, for at last there's nothing stirring,
And the silence gathers thickly. At our catlike ways don't scoff,
Or we'll squash you very quickly.
Someone's gone and got him “off.”
Got him “off”! Got him “off”!
He is sleeping like a toff!
After hours of fretful crying,
When the house was full of sighing,
Some magician (Heaven bless her!) got our red-faced baby “off”!

It was only fitting that professor Arthur Sewell's fine Authors’ Week Address on Katherine Mansfield should have been rescued from its painfully attenuated state in the files of the daily press. We have it now, chastly printed in its entirety from that fine little printing press up Auckland way —the Unicorn Press.

* * *

Some of the contributors to the Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories which is being prepared by C. R. Allen for publication abroad by the Authors Press: Hector Bolitho, Eileen Duggan, “Robin Hyde,” E. Mary Gurney; Arnold Cork and F. Alexis Stevens. Hugh Walpole has promised to write an introduction. It is hoped to complete the collection within the next month or two.