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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)

He Was Becoming A Wreck Of His Old Self — Now Sleeps Like a Top —Thanks to Kruschen

He Was Becoming A Wreck Of His Old Self
Now Sleeps Like a Top —Thanks to Kruschen.

Turning and tossing for hours at a time, with the pains of indigestion gnawing at his inside, this man used to pass night after night with hardly a wink of sleep. All the remedies he tried failed to help him, until he started taking a daily dose of Kruschen. That was what he needed to put him right, and his letter is a real proclamation of victory: —

“I first started taking Kruschen Salts three or four years ago. For years previously I had suffered agony with indigestion. Night after night for weeks on end I had very little sleep, and I was becoming a wreck of my old self for want of rest. I was advised to cut out my evening meal, and to take all kinds of remedies, none of which did me any good.

“About three or four years ago, I started taking Kruschen—half-heartedly I will admit—but after the first few doses my attacks grew less and less. I kept on and they completely disappeared, and I have been a regular 'Kruschenite’ ever since. I am now 50 years of age, and I can eat anything at any time without any ill effects. I sleep like a top——thanks to Kruschen.” —J.H.C.

Kruschen is a combination of six natural salts which stimulate your liver, kidneys and digestive tract to healthy, regular activity. They ensure internal cleanliness, and keep the blood-stream pure. New and refreshed blood is sent coursing to every fibre of your being. Rheumatism, headaches and indigestion all pass you by.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/6 per bottle.

the higher the temperature of cooking, the harder and tougher the article becomes, hence most protein cookery should be done at a low temperature.

It will now be obvious to you why twice-cooked proteins are indigestible. Fried proteins are most indigestible, because the superheated fats are quite changed in character and become gastric irritants.

In choosing meats and fish, keep to the plain varieties, avoiding as a page 62 general rule, anything corned, pickled, smoked or preserved.

Group 2—fruits and vegetables: —

Fruits can be taken either raw or cooked, and may be used either fresh or dried. Most fresh fruits contain 80 per cent, water, while the dried fruits are deprived of this but retain their other properties.

Vegetables must be carefully cooked, otherwise their vitamin content is considerably depreciated, and their mineral supply decreased in value.

These vitamins and minerals are soluble in water, consequently, if the vegetables are left soaking too long in water the beneficial properties are lost in the water. For the same reason, do not cook vegetables for a longer period than is necessary, and use the minimum amount of water required. Do not add soda when cooking green vegetables, as the soda kills one of the most important of the vitamins.

Above all, avoid twice-cooked vegetables, as they are very indigestible.

That wonderful dish known as. “bubble-and-squeak,” so popular in boarding-houses, has well earned its title, as it really does “bubble and squeak.”

3. Cereals. —These should be cooked slowly, at a low temperature, and especially in the case of oatmeal, for a long time.

5. Cheese and Nuts are best taken in their natural state, when they are more easily digested than when cooked.

Sugars. —Far too much sugar is consumed in this country through the media of jams, sweets, cakes and fancy biscuits. Modify your sugar ration supplanting it with increased quantity of milk, fruit and vegetables. A certain amount of sugar is necessary, but be moderate in its use.

Fats. —These must be cooked slowly at low temperatures, in order to preserve their properties and prevent the formation of irritants which will upset the stomach.

Lastly, with regard to water—remember you must not drink during a meal, but do so after.