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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)

Knotted Faggotting

Knotted Faggotting.

On some of the newest collars and cuffs, blouses and lingerie, faggotting makes a decorative finish. To anyone who is experimenting with the stitch, I suggest working a simple edging for a collar or the top of a slip. Then, having discovered how easy it is, designs for fronts of blouses or nightgowns may be attempted.

It will be found that the method of knotting, as illustrated, is firmer and retains the spacing between the materials.

Cut one inch strips of bias material, fold in half, stitch, and turn inside out. Do not make the strips too long, or the turning may be difficult. I find the job easy by affixing a small safetypin at one end of my “tube” and gradually working it through.

Turn in a tiny hem on the edge of the material to be faggotted. Tack the material and the prepared bias strip, wrong side up, on firm brown paper with their edges about a quarter of an inch apart. Proceed according to the illustration.

Knotted faggotting

Knotted faggotting