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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 6 (September 1, 1936)

Seeing and Believing

Seeing and Believing.

We don't mind pictures that are a riot of colour, but we object to the sort that are just a riot. We like to be frank about our art, to come right out in the open and discuss it—not to sit in a corner wondering whether “Persephone at the Telephone” was the one which looked like “Nightmare after Cheese,” or the other which resembled the “Gasworks after Explosion.” As a consequence, our galleries are draped with pictures whichafford us satisfaction and pleasure; this, according to the advanced splash-andrun cults, is a most deplorable state. They condemn all pictures which give satisfaction and pleasure as pleistocene plagiarisms and contend that no picture can be termed a picture if it looks like one.

(Continued on p. 56.)