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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 4 (July 1, 1936)


This man of 31 was prematurely aged by kidney trouble, when he should have been enjoying the best years of his life. Here he tells how Kruschen Salts gave him back his health, after suffering months of pain:-

“I was in hospital for ten weeks, owing to kidney trouble. When I was discharged I felt like an old man, although I am only 31. If I stooped to do anything it was agony to straighten up again. I tried all sorts of remedies but they did not do me any good. Several people advised me to try Kruschen Salts as they had found them wonderful. I tried them and found they gave me relief from pain and I felt better in every way. I cycle 28 miles a day to and from work, and shall keep up the daily dose of Kruschen because I can now do the journey to and from work and a night's work, and not feel any the worse for it. After those months of pain and weakness it is splendid to feel fit and strong again.”


The kidneys are the filters of the human body. Unless they function properly, certain acid wastes, instead of being expelled, are allowed to pollute the bloodstream and produce troublesome symptoms: backache, rheumatism, and excessive fatigue.

What is needed is a special kidney aperient. Ordinary aperients cannot do the work. In the light of present-day knowledge, Kruschen Salts is one of the finest diuretics or kidney aperients available for assisting the kidneys to excrete acid impurities.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/6 per bottle.*

There is no field connected with the processes of life, which offers greater scope for exploitation by the “quack” and the faddist than the field of dietetics. Pick up any paper or periodical, and see how far you will read before coming to some highly advertised article of diet which is guaranteed to make a new man of you in no time. The mere multiplicity of articles of diet provides this scope, while vagaries of the palate, and sometimes credulity of sufferers, encourage exploitation.

Much valuable work has been, and is being done by leading scientists throughout the world, in connection with the properties of various foods and their assimilation and distribution in the body. Of late years notable advances have been made which have largely contributed to the extension of longevity.

We do not intend taking you into the scientific intricacies of calories, basal metabolic rates and so on, but will endeavour to outline guiding principles with regard to diet, in the simplest possible terms.

Remember that so far, our Health Notes have been addressed to those blessed with normal healthy bodies, and have been written with a view to helping you to maintain that condition, for surely it is of much greater import to prevent ill health than to cure disease. Later, however, we hope to be able to deal with some of the maladies of life, and offer suggestions which may help the sufferers.

This article will be continued in our next issue, when we will discuss the composition of foods and briefly outline simple directions for selection of diet.