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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 3 (June 1, 1936)

Re-arranged on Area Basis

Re-arranged on Area Basis.

Locomotive running-shed reorganisation has recently been undertaken on the L. M. & S. Railway. The depots have been re-arranged on an area basis, one shed forming the “headquarters” for a particular district, all the other sheds being simply “garages.” Locomotive repairs not calling for a visit to the works are carried
1,400 Class Locomotive, Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante Railway, Spain.

1,400 Class Locomotive, Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante Railway, Spain.

out at the “headquarter” shed in each district, thus enabling repair shops and equipment at the smaller depots to be eliminated. In addition, the concentration of locomotive supply and repair on this area basis enables greater use to be obtained from the power within that area, and eliminates redundancy and overlapping in the provision of motive power.

The various L. M. & S. running sheds are also being overhauled and modernised in respect of their layout and equipment, thus saving a considerable amount of time in the aggregate in handling engines on and off the sheds, in coaling, and in other running shed operations. About twenty-eight sheds have so far been modernised, involving the installation of mechanical coaling-plants, ash-lifting equipment, and so on.