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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 3 (June 1, 1936)

Beauty In Bathrooms

Beauty In Bathrooms.

In 1886, “Come and see the Conservatory”; in 1936, “Come and see the Bathroom.” The show-room of the luxury home is, nowadays, the bathroom. The lucky owner, descending by shallow steps into his miniature marble swimming pool, is faced by a formidable array of faucets and gadgets, all adding to the pleasure and cleansing capacity of the bath. Aesthetic pleasure is added by the harmonious tinting of walls, floor, fitments, towels and even water.

Opal glass, tiles, marble panelling form the walls of bathrooms of the rich. The merely “well to do” may have the lower part of the walls tiled, and the upper enamelled. Cheaper than tiling is wood with an imitation tile finish.

If the tiles in your bathroom are coloured, your colour scheme is ordained for you. A pleasing colour contrast may be added in bits and pieces, such as a stool or mirror frame. If the bath is set in, the outside of the bath can add to the contrast note. But don't let the joy of enamelling outweigh discretion—leave the water-pipes matching the walls and fading into their background. Remember that good quality enamel, impervious to moisture, is required for a bathroom.

If space allows, have a separate shower compartment.

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Bath towels, face towels, guest towels, should, of course, harmonize with the bathroom colour scheme. (I won't suggest buying a bathrobe and sponge bag en suite). Towels are no longer conservative. From among plain towels with a raised pattern, bordered towels in two or more shades with, designs scenic, geometric or floral, “all-over” shadings and fadings of pastel tones, fringed towels, knotted fringed towels, chenille towels, strident towels, dull towels, good old Admiralty towels, we can surely choose something for the dual purpose of absorbing surface moisture, and accentuating the beauty of the bathroom.

For the perfect contemplation of beauty I suggest lying in the bath, lapped in warm water, surveying the results of two tins of enamel and the pennants of the rest of the family draped on the rails.

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