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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 12 (March 2, 1936)



I shall remember how, on quiet eves,
The teeming air was vibrant in the spell
Of one bird's song, as through the languid leaves,
It musically rose, and fluting, fell.
Or how, in hush of dawn, a cloud dove-grey,
That dimpled 'gainst a sky of silver mist,
Was colour-splashed, and spangled by new day,
From burnished gold, to rose and amethyst.
Oh, I shall see again in sunset's glow,
Pure lint-white sails upon a sapphire sea,
Flash in the sun like jewelled flakes of snow,
Caught in a ray of dazzling brilliancy!
Such lovely things will close, into a crowd,
Athwart the shrine of my heart's secret space;
The song, the little sparkling ship, the cloud,
Will dim from Memory the commonplace.

* * *