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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 12 (March 2, 1936)

Careers in the Railway Service

Careers in the Railway Service.

Railwaymen everywhere welcome the return to somewhat better conditions, not only because of the improved financial situation, but also because of the increased opportunities which must now come for individual advancement. Through circumstances over which they themselves had no control, the Home railways have had to slow down staff promotion during recent years. Now, however, things are looking up, and opportunities for individual advancement are again presenting themselves.

Speaking on the question of careers in the railway service, Mr. R. Gardner, Superintendent for Scotland of the L. & N.E. Company, recently told a railway audience that opportunities existed for all who strove whole-heartedly, and were not satisfied merely to wait for something to turn up. Railwaymen would be well advised, he said, to educate themselves so as to be ready to step into any likely opening. Education was the key to success and the railway staff magazines and the technical press enabled the keen employee to keep abreast of activities and developments in the whole field of transport. Destiny, it was pointed out, may sometimes decide our fate, but the far-seeing man took a lot of discouraging.

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