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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 12 (March 2, 1936)

Wellington-Hutt Valley Line

Wellington-Hutt Valley Line.


Misspelling of Kai-whara, or Kaiwharawhara, to eat the fruit of the astelia which grows in the forks of the forest trees.


Misspelling of Nga-uranga, the village and beach at the mouth of this stream, meaning the places where canoes were hauled on shore; the landing place, or restingplace.


Misspelling of Pito-oné, the end of the beach; referring to the village of the Ngati-Awa at the western end of the long north beach of Wellington Harbour.


Place where canoes were tied up; mooring place. Maori name of the Hutt River.


Long branch of a river (a tributary of the Hutt River).


Cold food. Also to eat earthworms —a food of the olden Maori when other food was lacking, a kind of emergency ration.