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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 (August 1, 1935)

Fashion Points. — Including Signs of an Early Spring

Fashion Points.
Including Signs of an Early Spring.

Shoes, in a perforated lacy effect, in all wanted shades including the new clipper blue and kid-lined for comfort.

White Details—shoes, gloves, hats and lingerie finishes for neck and wrist. White pique gloves and hats for wear with dark blue suits.

Capes—for morning, noon and night. Reversible capes, supplying plaid or plain. Smart frock with cape back. Detachable evening cape of pleated georgette fastening at back.

Lastex—used in foundation garments; now incorporated in a well-fitting slumber cap; in frock shirred over hips; in yoke band of Shetland wool panties.

Suits—smarter than ever—tweeds worn with matching hats, or sailors, and dark blouses. Finer weaves accented by smart blouse detail—waterfall frills, ruffled bib effect.

New sleeve effects, such as a combination of the raglan and the puff, for crisp spring fabrics.

Grey tweed dress piped with red. Another tweed with fringed skirt and cape.

Skirts for street wear with less fullness and an even straighter cut. Slightly shorter than they have been.

Quaint belts of leather, string, cloth, with quainter buckles of chromium, wood, bone, glass.

Military swing to the new spring coats. Unusual shoulder fastenings, cartridge pleating.

Printed green organdie worn over a taffeta slip in a conflicting pattern.

Juliet girdle in silver laméA lined with intenser shade of the frock colour.

Hostess gown of honey-coloured satin with brown sleeves faggoted into unusual armholes deeply pointed at front and back.