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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 (August 1, 1935)

Feathers and Fur

Feathers and Fur.

We would hesitate to blame zoo keepers if they regarded their fellows from the viewpoint of fur and feathers rather than spats and top hats. Even a half day's association with our furred and feathered friends in captivity, is prone to produce in the vision of the impressionable visitor a kind of animal astigmatism which until he returns
“Has a defensive look in his eye.”

“Has a defensive look in his eye.”

to normal, causes all men to appear in his sight as lions and rabbits and macaws and eagles. Indeed, in the eyes of most animals, the discerning observer may detect that “divine discontent” supposed to be the doubtful privilege of the human animal alone; so who can blame the zoo stroller who, for the nonce, gets his zoo-logy so tangled up with his biology that the main streets look like “eventide at the jungle water hole”?