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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 (August 1, 1935)

Summer Residence For Bees

page 38

Summer Residence For Bees


Some of the 1934–5 season's honey ready for transport by rail.

Some of the 1934–5 season's honey ready for transport by rail.

No freight, not even explosives, receives a more considerate handling by the railway staff than this “flying squad.”

I am taking the liberty of quoting an extract from this brave woman's reply when I asked her permission to publish this article, for it is just typical of her and all she does.

“There is a never-ending source of fun and pleasure even when work is most strenuous … I long for the time when I can take a few tons of our beautiful rata honey and distribute it among the millions of children in the Homeland, but that is far away in the distance yet, I'm afraid. Yes, write of our happy days and our cases of honey to your heart's content. I trust it will help others to make of their work the happy interest in life which we enjoy.”

A scandalised correspondent of an Auckland paper has been rushing into print anent the “boldness” of the modern miss (who will doubtless characterise him as a back number!). This indignant person, it seems, was lunching the other day at a city restaurant. Seated next him was a smartly attired damsel who, having finished eating, produced a tin of Riverhead Gold, and after “rolling her own” stuck the cigarette between her lipsticked lips and asked for a light! Fancy that now! The correspondent didn't fancy it. He was “horrified” and would have “smoking by females” made punishable, “as not only highly improper but highly injurious.” Whether it is improper for “females” to smoke in restaurants is for them to decide. It's common enough in other countries, anyhow. But as for its injuriousness that depends on the tobacco. Riverhead Gold is perfectly safe, because, like Desert Gold, Cavendish, Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), and Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), it's toasted—consequently harmless, for there's hardly any nicotine in it! Both Riverhead Gold and Desert Gold, it may be added, make delightful cigarettes.*