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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)

A Prayer, and a Guarantee

A Prayer, and a Guarantee.

On the night of the eruption, a roadmaking party was camped at the east side of the Kaingaroa Plain. The late Mr. J. Morgan was in charge of the work. Only Maoris were employed. The camp was some miles up the Rangitaiki River, south of Galatea. The men had a good view of Tarawera mountain; the wind was from the east. They could see the awful spectacle of fire and cloud arising from the mountain. The Maoris were very frightened. Morgan told me that one of them came into his tent scared almost to death. He evidently thought the end of the world had come, and that it was time for him to make peace with his Maker, especially as he had rather a bad past. He prayed with fervour and ended by saying earnestly:

“Oh Lord, if you will allow me to live through this night, I will give you a pound. Morgan can stop it out of my wages.”

That Maori survived, but I do not know if he redeemed his promise.