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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)

Dads or “Duds.”

Dads or “Duds.”

Do fathers need advice? There are fifty million mothers who will say they do. And yet thousands of fathers are left to grope through fatherhood with not a father-expert within coo-ee to pep up their paternal patter so that they may, in time, become a credit to their children instead of a “thing of duty and a cloy for ever.”

The fact is that few fathers realise what a glorious thing it is to be a father. On the contrary, there are times innumerable when fathers wish that they had been born a bowl of goldfish rather than a father; especially during the stilly A.M.'s, when merry bachelors hibernate, and all is hushed—except the white man's burden who whangs the welkin in its father's arms, and makes a morepork of Morpheus. But there are joys and jubilations attached to fatherhood, even if, at first glance, they seem as remote as Ever-rest.