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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)

Creamed Sardines

Creamed Sardines.

One tablespoon butter, 1 1/2 cups bread-crumbs, 1 cup milk (or cream). When thoroughly melted add two hard-boiled eggs, chopped small, and a small tin of mashed sardines. Season to taste. Serve very hot on slices of buttered toast cut in fancy shapes. Garnish with parsley.

“If all the money expended on tobacco were banked there'd be enough before long to wipe out the National Debt,” thundered the orator. “That'd be a fat lot of good to smokers, wouldn&t it!” came a voice from the back seats. When they'd done laughing the lecturer barked: “Tell me how much tobacco costs you a week, you there, and I'll show you you're wasting your money and running your health.” “I smoke four ounces of Cut Plug No. 10 a week,” answered the voice. “It costs me something over three bob, and I get a quid's worth of enjoyment out of it. And don&t you worry about my health, mister. Been smoking same brand for years, and I'm still going strong. It's toasted, and can&t hurt you if you smoke a ton a week.” The lecturer dried up. Just five brands of the genuine toasted: Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), Cavendish, Riverhead Gold and Desert Gold. They're harmless because they're toasted—and there's enjoyment in every whiff!*