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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)

Home Notes. — Some Methods of Removing Stains

Home Notes.
Some Methods of Removing Stains.

To Remove Ink Stains From Wood. Cover the ink spots while wet with shredded blotting paper. Remove the paper as it becomes saturated, and apply this method until the paper no longer absorbs the ink; then rub the spots with lemon juice and salt until they disappear. If white marks result rub them with oil and turpentine.

To Remove Grease Stains From Unvarnished Wood.—Scrub with a solution of washing soda or ammonia.

To Remove Stains From Porcelain.—Rub with kerosene, followed by washing with soapsuds and warm water.

To Remove Iron Rust or Ink Stains From White Fabrics. — Soak the stained part in warm water until it is thoroughly moistened, then cover the part with lemon juice and salt and place in strong sunlight. Keep constantly wet until the stains become faint. Wash in diluted warm ammonia water and rinse in clear water.

To Remove Coffee, Tea and Fruit Stains.—Soaking in boiling water is generally sufficient. If this is not successful, spread the spot over a bowl of boiling water and rub with lemon juice and salt. Wash in ammonia water, then rinse in clear water.

N.B.—It is important to remember that stains are more easily removed while they are wet.

To Remove Blood Stains.—Wash with soap and tepid water.

* * *