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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)



The dictionary definition of the word “hobby” is a favourite pastime. It is desirable that every person should have a hobby in addition to the ordinary work or duty. It really does not matter what the hobby is so long as it is interesting and helps to broaden the mental outlook.

There are many worthwhile hobbies for the woman who wishes to make the most of her spare time. Sewing knitting, cards, music and painting, out-of-door sports, gardening, etc., are all fascinating adjuncts to the more prosaic side of life. Many women—and men, too—often at first look on their work in connection with social welfare as merely a hobby, but after a while their absorption in it has become so much a part of them that it almost supersedes their other interests. Some folk have an idea that a hobby is essentially an enjoyment just to the person concerned, but when we look into the question, it is surprising how