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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4 (July 1, 1935.)



Come back from the Edge of Dawn!
Come back! Come back, My Dear!
Dark bodes the night! Grey and forlorn
The sunset falleth here!
Falls along the quiet hills,
Untouched with gold or red.
Come back from the Edge of Dawn!
Beloved! You are not dead!
The Edge of Dawn! Beyond vast seas,
Tideless, without a shore,
Shrouded in rainbow mysteries,
You'll sail, forever more,
In your frail barque, to lilac lands,
Where undreamed glories are—
Oh, I would call you back from these,
To wait the Evening Star.
Come back? … Oh— I'll not call again,
Here, from the dusky hill.
The very depths of my own pain
Shall hold me quiet and still.
How dare I call you back to earth—
To grief deep as my own—
To sunsets fading into rain—
To darkness, here, alone?

* * *