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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 1, 1935)

Tomato Surprises

Tomato Surprises.

Three or four tomatoes, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs, 1 dessertspoon butter, salt and pepper, 4 teaspoons milk.

Beat the eggs slightly, add milk, butter, breadcrumbs and seasoning. Cut a slice off the tops of the tomatoes and scoop out some of the centre, sprinkle with pepper and salt, fill with egg mixture. Put on the lid of the tomato. Place in a greased tin in a moderate oven until the tomatoes are soft. Time about twenty minutes. Serve on rounds of fried bread or buttered toast. Grated cheese may be added to the mixture if liked.

The world's annual consumption of cigarettes now runs into billions. Originally they were all hand-made, consequently comparatively expensive. Then some ingenious person invented a machine which turned out as many cigarettes in an hour as hand labour could produce in a week. Naturally prices fell, and cigarette smoking fairly caught on. But the cigarette tobacco in use at that time was far from present day standards, and you'd have searched in vain for brands of such superlative quality as Riverhead Gold or Desert Gold—two of the finest cigarette tobaccos in the world! The three other toasted brands (chiefly favoured by pipe smokers), Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), Cavendish, and Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), are also unequalled for flavour and bouquet, and for their comparative freedom from nicotine—eliminated by toasting. All five brands are in universal use and are manufactured in prodigious quantities to meet the evergrowing demand. Their popularity has brought out various imitations — that was inevitable! It is the penalty success always has to pay. But the real toasted cannot be imitated.*