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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 1, 1935)



Nowadays backs are important. The fashionable evening dresses, bathing suits, sun suits, and many of the sports costumes make it imperative for girls to take extra care to present the loveliest possible back to the world. The ideal back is flat, straight and slim, with a beautiful skin, and does not show the bony structure. Thin backs with protruding shoulder-blades, crooked spines, or fat backs, are not beautiful. To remedy these defects it may be necessary to consult a physical instructor, who, if the trouble warrants it, will no doubt recommend posture exercises. These exercises should be performed regularly as “a flash in the pan” is of no use at all.

A blotchy or pimply skin can be cured by thoroughly scrubbing the skin, using a long-handled bath brush or loofah, and plenty of soap and warm water. Dash with cold water to stimulate the circulation and rid the skin of many of the blemishes. A good cream may then be used very beneficially.

* * *