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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 1, 1935)

A Helpful Enginedriver

A Helpful Enginedriver.

An interesting and amusing instance of the various ways in which the South African Railways and Harbours serve the public, particularly the farming community, is contained in the following copy of a note handed to the driver of train No. 1400 at Mevamphlope, on the North Coast Line, on 10th August, by a farmer resident at Nyoko: “Will you oblige by whistling like hell as you pass through the farm in the hope of lifting the locusts. Thanks.” The driver acceded to the farmer's request and, from the latter's point of view, the ruse was quite successful. All the locusts took flight as the train roared through the farm, whistling continuously. They had their revenge on the driver, however, for the swarm settled in a railway cutting a few miles ahead and the train was delayed several hours on account of the engine wheels being unable to grip the rails.—“South African Railways and Harbours Magazine.”