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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 1, 1935)

The Cast

The Cast.

  • Lord Layeasy——Eddy Gatt.

  • Lady Ermyntrude de Lustre——Gerta Gubb.

  • Mary Moloney——Kate Katz.

  • The Big Brain——Wilmer Wurm.

  • The Butler——Saul Tipz.

  • The Maid——Zizi Spitz.

  • The Philanthropist Douglas McJacobs.

You will note, dear reader, that there is not a Smith or a Jones or a Brown in the whole shooting match. No wonder the dear old “mellow-drammer” has died in the bath, and that continental sophistication has captured the celluloid.

You ask, “what's in a name?”, and I reply that a person with a name which sounds like a tropical disease or a plate of mashed tamales cannot possibly see eye to eye with the world, and should not be allowed to vent his complexes on the cosmopolis. Men and women whose names sound like echoes in the canyons of Delirium could not be expected to recognise the “straight banana” with a theodolite.

If ever I detect an advertisement announcing a play or picture directed by Albert Brown, written by Henry Smith and released by John Robinson, I will book seats for seven consecutive nights; and if the leading lady is Doris Jones, the hero Percy Prout, and the villain William Simkins, I will know that here at last is the dear old “drammer” with a real kick in it.