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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 1, 1935)

The Logic of the Shadow Show

The Logic of the Shadow Show.

We know the gangster, out upon a “bend,” himself is sure to meet a sticky end. We know the cru-el father will relent, who cut his daughter off without a cent—for that's the way the business ought to go, if Life were acted like a decent show. We realise the villain who has slain the brewer on a continental train (and wangled things in such a subtle way, that everyone's suspected through the play), is bound, by every precedent, to meet his fate within the final hundred feet.

It stimulates our faith in actual life, to see such logic rising out of strife. And then the merry men who crack a quip, and sting our sense of humour with their whip, do but reflect our dormant sense of fun, which revels in the rays of humour's sun—the instinct to resort to merry-making, which ever was a sign of man's awaking. For, after all, 'tis laughter which, at least, puts man an inch or two above the
“An Alexander living once again.”

“An Alexander living once again.”

page 53 beast. But now, so lost, he is in things that bore him, he has to have his laughter “readied” for him; and all the fun and jesting on the screen, reminds him of the man he might have been. And now, my friends methinks that it is time to talk in sense, instead of reckless rhyme; for rhyme is wrapped in certain limitations, which tend to cramp one's mental incubations.