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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1 (April 1, 1935)

Why His Headaches Ceased — After Troubling Him Since a Boy. — Wife Put Kruschen in His Tea

Why His Headaches Ceased
After Troubling Him Since a Boy.
Wife Put Kruschen in His Tea.

He could not understand why the headaches he had been subject to suddenly ceased. His wife told him, and he sat down and wrote the following letter :—

“I am 62 years of age, and ever since I was a boy of ten years, I was subject to very bad headaches. But two years ago the headaches stopped—for what reason I did not know. I was surprised when one day my wife told me I had been using Kruschen Salts in my tea for over two years. I am still using them, as I know of nothing finer for the system.”—J. T.

Headaches can nearly always be traced to a disordered stomach, and to the unsuspected retention in the system of stagnating waste material which poisons the blood. Remove these poisons—prevent them forming again—and you'll never have to worry any more. And that is just how Kruschen Salts bring swift and lasting relief from headaches. Kruschen Salts aid Nature to cleanse your body completely of all clogging waste matter.

And because the ingredients of Kruschen are in no sense foreign to your system, there is no lowering aftermath such as you commonly experience with depurative drugs. On the contrary, Kruschen exerts a remarkable tonic influence upon you, both physically and mentally.

Kruschen has a world-wide sale. It is taken by the people of 119 different countries. In none of those countries is there anything else quite like it—nothing else that gives the same results.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/6 per bottle.