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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1 (April 1, 1935)

World without “Spend.”

World without “Spend.”

If You would make the world your orange to be seized and squeezed, if you would see the world without “spend,” if you would sample the subtle scents of the mystic East, the lotus-laden airs of isles becalmed in scented seas, the whistling sting of the Ice King's breath through mountain pines, the snarl of age-old cataracts, the shout of the seas, the moan of the mounting storm, and peaceful evening laying a soothing palm across the burning brow of day in some far land of light and colour; if you would have these things, while yet lashed to the chariot wheel of Commerce—though your pocket be as empty as your head is full, they are yours if you will take them. Simply you rub the lamp of imagination and, lo! there comes to you the geni of Vision saying: “What would you, master?” And, if you are wise, you will not answer thus: “I would drink deep of the vintage which is of gold, I would eat long of the flesh pots of Egypt, oh verily! and taste of the delights of scented idleness.” No sir, you would say: “Give to me, oh gem, a nose that knows the language of Imagination, an eye that is a window in the tower of Vision, and a mind, semi-detached, that can take to itself the wings of the albatross and zoom to the ends of the earth.”