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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 11 (February 1, 1935)

Spring in New Zealand

Spring in New Zealand.

Springtime, fair and joyous, bedecks the earth anew,
From Winter's sombre mantle her lovely face peeps through;
There's the chime of silver cymbals in the laughter on her lips,
Re-echoed from the kowhai's gold, where the tui, nectar sips.

The dew-bespangled bracken, the willow by the stream,
The cuckoo o'er the valley, the patient, plodding team,
Deep conscious of the quickening pulse, the life-tang in the air,
Respond to Nature's stirring touch—dear Homeland thou art fair!

The bush is tinged with emerald, clemat is stars the trees;
There's laughter in the gullies, and song upon the breeze;
There's golden glory everywhere, from garden-plot to plain,
And the music of the daffodils shakes the earth again.
O little sea-girt island, may thy songs ever be
Pure cadences of gladness, distilled from bird and tree:
New Zealand—Homeland—Maoriland, a new song greets the day—
A promise hundredfold fulfilled, a star to light the way.

* * *