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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 9 (December 1, 1934)

Summer Wear And Holiday Rest

Summer Wear And Holiday Rest.

During the hot weather as few clothes as possible should be worn. These should be light in weight, loose, porous and washable. Allow as much fresh air as possible to get to the body. Frocks and shirts should be open at the neck and have short sleeves. A woollen cardigan or pullover should always be available, as the weather is often changeable, especially by the sea. Wide brimmed hats should be worn to protect the eyes and the back of the head and neck. For the juveniles socks or stockings are not necessary, but sandshoes or sandals must be worn for protection against cuts and abrasions. Many serious illnesses have resulted from accidents caused by children running about barefoot.

For children on holiday, rest during the hottest part of the day is essential. With the increased exercise and fresh air, extra sleep is required. The wise mother or guardian will insist on the young children resting either indoors or outside in the shade for one or two hours after the mid-day meal. In any case it is not advisable to allow them to play in the sun at this time, as if they have a good rest and sleep, much benefit will result. The mother as well as the children will benefit greatly by indulging in a rest period. She will have a busy time preparing for the holidays, and should take the opportunity of having some extra rest and relaxation.