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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 9 (December 1, 1934)


God sportsmanship,” said the Cynic, “is that spiritual state which those who most profess, most seldom achieve.” And who shall say he is wrong? Still, perhaps, his summing up is more true of yesterday than of to-day. Then the prevailing attitude certainly was one of “Holier than thou.” To-day each little section of the sporting world is concerned, not so much with its own perfections as with its brother's imperfections. Never at any time in the past was there such an awareness of the degree to which the other fellow falls short of grace. There may be hope in this, for the next turn of the screw may bring us face to face with the thing itself—an objective standard to which the sole duty of each one of us is himself to conform. Meanwhile it will help no little towards sporting harmony to admire in the other fellow his distant approach to perfection rather than tell the world—and him—how far he has to go.