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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 9 (December 1, 1934)

Modern Station Equipment

Modern Station Equipment.

In drawing the traveller to rail, suitable passenger station amenities play a big part. Train departure and arrival indicators for example, prove helpful in facilitating travel, and very great improvements have recently been recorded in this equipment. At Paddington Station, London, the Great Western Railway has just brought into use a new type of electrical train arrival indicator, the first of its kind in the world. Placed in the main circulating area, the indicator consists of a teak frame, with eight panels facing in the arrival direction. In each of these can be shewn the arrival time of a train, the number of the platform at which it will be received, whether it is running late, and, if so, how late, and the principal stations it has served. On the reverse side is displayed a list of departures.

The setting up of the composition of trains, i.e., the list of the stations served, is performed automatically by a magazine which stores all the necessary information for each train until it is required, it then being only necessary for the control operator to press keys corresponding to the number of the train required to be displayed. The new arrival indicator is saving thousands of verbal enquiries daily.