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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 7 (October 1, 1934)

The Lake by the Sea on D'Urville Island

The Lake by the Sea on D'Urville Island.

Black swan slowly move across its surface,
Knowing not they make the scene complete;
Raupo rushes grow around its edges,
Gently bowing low the breeze to meet.
Streamlets wend their way amid the fern fronds
Through the bush that stands serene, alone,
Showers of petals fall like pink tipped snowflakes
Where mankind's outer world is all unknown.
Wild duck train their young ones for life's highway;
A solitary crane begins to soar;
Soft winds rise, whereby the glass-like water
Falls in tiny wavelets on the shore.
Golden sunshine shimmers on the hillside,
Young lambs to their mothers calling clear,
Bring to mind this thought of great importance;
The Maker of these things is ever near.