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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 7 (October 1, 1934)



“Weary and wasted I wander, my brother:
See how I swoon in the arms of the night.
Come to me quickly, and tenderly lift me
Out of this terror that darkens my sight.”
Swift from the east, like a wild hawk flashing
Fire-bright wings through the desert of air,
Ra the relentless, the burning pursuer,
Leaps to her aid as she languishes there.
“Marama, Marama, where art thou hiding?
Sister, once more art thou mocking at me?”
Lightly the moon-goddess laughed as she lay
Safe on the shores of a windless sea.
“Sweet is this fountain, O brother deluded,
Sweet and refreshing beyond all surmise.
Lo, like a leper, I plunge in its bosom—Bright as a virgin soon shall I rise.
“Endless thy quest, for I live to evade thee.
Hast thou forgotten that heartless am I?
Still must thou follow, and still shall I lure thee
Down the mad haze of the wildering sky.”