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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5 (August 1, 1934)

Pioneer Life at Wanganui

Pioneer Life at Wanganui.

Victoria did not hold him long. He crossed to New Zealand with the intention of becoming a sheep-farmer. The Wanganui district was his selected field, but being without capital or experience he quickly realised that the life of the wool-grower was not for him. In England he had acquired the taste for writing, and especially controversial writing, which naturally follows upon a course of debating-society activities. In Wanganui he saw an opportunity of engaging in journalism as editor-proprietor, and he started a newspaper, the “Wanga- nui Heralri,” in which he was able to give full play to his steadily growing talent for self-expression with the pen. He had more than the gift of expression; he had ideas and ideals; his leading articles brought a healing breath of salt and fire into the community. So he began the campaign of agitation for political and social reform which before long carried him into the Legislature.