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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5 (August 1, 1934)

Fast New Trains in Holland

Fast New Trains in Holland.

The introduction some time ago on the German railways of the heavy-oil operated “Flying Hamburger” passenger train between Berlin and Hamburg created something of a sensation. Following the success of this novel train, some forty new trains of somewhat similar design are to be introduced on the State Railways of Holland. Like the “Flying Hamburger,” the new Dutch trains are designed on streamlined principles, and they will be capable of speeds up to 87 m.p.h.

Each train will be formed of three articulated carriages, mounted on four bogies. Two hundred feet in length, the weight of each train is being kept down through the use of aluminium to 75 tons. A complete train of three vehicles will accommodate 176 passengers, and at the outset the new stock is to be employed in fast service between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnheim. Thirty-five of the new Dieselelectric train sets are being equipped with two 410 h.p. engines, and the remaining five sets will each have two 375 h.p. engines. While Holland is taking up this new idea enthusiastically it is interesting to note that in Germany three additional expresses of an improved “Flying Hamburger” type are to be introduced for use on the Berlin-Dresden and Berlin-Leipzig routes.